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Fire Dogs

Fire Dogs (or sometimes just called "Dogs") reminiscent of an age of open fireplaces with logs burning and crackling on a large fire bed, conjuring up images of Olde Worlde English Inns and Hostelries. The dogs themselves originally acted as supports for oversized or overhanging logs and were usually in a practical blackened iron finish.

Most typically nowadays, fire dogs are used purely decoratively - although our black versions are fully functional, brass and polished dogs tend to discolor badly when exposed to the intense heat generated in a log fire and are therefore more decorative than utilitarian.

Swan's Nest Fire Basket
Above: Swan's Nest 18 inch Basket with Celtic Fire Dogs in Brass

Shown above are Regency Dogs in Brass fixed to our Swans Nest Traditional Fire Basket, ideal for the smaller classic "Inglenook" fireplace and suitable for burning logs. Inglenooks were the original large open fronted chimney breasts which had sufficient room inside to place stools or chairs alongside the fire to keep drafts and chills at bay and were most favored in traditional English inns and pubs right up to Victorian times.

Our Swans Nest models are available in sizes up to 36 inches and with several different Fire Dog patterns and finishes available to complete the ensemble.

A variety of Fire Dog patterns are available on our main website, including Art Nouveau, Gothic, Celtic, Ball, Regency, Sentry and Sentinel styles and patterns. Shown below (left to right) are Sentinel Dogs in a polished finish, the Celtic in Black, Art Nouveau Polished and Gothic Brass Dogs - all patterns are available in brass, black and polished finishes.

Sentinel Fire DogsCeltic Fire DogsArt Nouveau Fire DogsGothic Brass Fire Dogs


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