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Inset Gas Fires

CastIronFires.Com does not deal in separate or freestanding Gas Fires as such - we only supply inset gas fires for use in the fireplaces and fire baskets on sale in our online catalogue.

Although models can vary in detail, the principles of all inset gas fires are common to all - illustrated below are two of the most typical types.

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Inset Gas Fires or gas fire inserts
The CIF2 Inset gas Fire forArched Insert Fireplaces.

Section through typical Inset Gas Fire burner box

Section through typical
Inset Gas Fire Burner Box

High Output Gas Fire HO 9
A typical Class 1 High Output Gas Fire
with Cast back - this is the HO9 Model for the
Bolton and Tregaron Fireplaces.

Gas Fires are offered as optional extras for fireplaces on the pages of our catalogue where they are suitable or appropriate. Our Gas Fires can be supplied with coals or with pebbles as shown in the illustration (right) above.

See also: Choosing Your Fire

All Inset Gas Fires come with a manufacturer's 12 month guarantee (UK only) and conform to European Union CE specifications.

We do not fit or arrange for fitting of gas fires - that is a matter for the customer to arrange for themselves. We do, however, recommend that all gas fittings, including our gas fires, are installed by a qualified gas fitter in accordance with manufacturer's specifications.

We would advise that you consult the Gas Safe Register (in the UK), or the equivalent organisation in your own country if you live outside the United Kingdom. You can find out more about gas fitters on their website at

Inset Gas Fires are available in a variety of different models for different applications :

      • Class 1
      • Class 1 Magiglo
      • Class 2
      • Multiflue
      • High Output

Class 1 Gas Fires

Class 1 Gas Fires normally require no special flues or flue linings, and can be placed in most of our Combination, Arched and Tiled Insert Fireplaces provided there is a conventional chimney in good condition. Where there are existing old dampers or restrictor plates in an old chimney, they should be removed. If removal is not possible or practical, the damper plate should be permanently fixed in the upright (open) position so as not to interfere with normal flue extraction. We also advise you to have the chimney swept before installation and that a registered gas fitter carry out an on-site survey prior to installation. It is not unusual for a qualified gas fitter to recommend the fitting a flue lining in any case as an added security, especially in chimneys over forty years old.
See also: Frequently Asked Questions.

Class 1 - Magiglo

Magiglo are the leading independent manufacturer of superior decorative gas fires in the UK. Over the years Magiglo have built a reputation for designing and manufacturing quality gas fires with emphasis on both realism and reliability. Magiglo fires all offer very realistic 'random' coals, which in turn provide moving flames of a bright golden nature, just like a real fire but without the mess.
Magiglo are Class 1 inset fires suitable for all environments where a Class 1 fire would be used - see Class 1 Fires above.
See also: Frequently Asked Questions.

Class 2 Gas Fires

Class 2 Gas Fires can be utilised with most of our fireplaces, (as with Class 1 fires above), but require a 5 inch stainless steel flue liner to be installed in the chimney. They are also suitable for PreCast Concrete flues which conform to BS1289 (British Standards) providing they comply with regulations relating to spillage - a qualified gas fitter should carry out spillage tests on gas fires as a matter of normal procedure on completion of the gas installation.
See also: Frequently Asked Questions.

Multiflue gas Fires

MultiFlue Gas Fires consist of a ceramic radiant back box housed in a steel casing with a burner tray and come complete with ceramic simulated coals and incorporate an oxy pilot assembly with rotary ignition. Burner boxes can be removed for servicing if required. Our superior single model Multiflue Gas Fire is suitable for use in either Class 1 or Class 2 environments, with, or without flue linings (see above) and requiring no Cast or Ceramic Back. Can be used with PreCast flues. MultiFlue Gas Fires do not require additional ventilation, though some gas fitters may prefer to fit air bricks at their own discretion as an additional safeguard.
See also: Frequently Asked Questions.

High Output Gas Fires

The age old problem with inset gas fires is that they are known to be low in overall heat output, and while they appear very decorative and house warming, the actual heat produced is very low - equivalent to no more than 1½ bars on a typical freestanding electric fire. conventionally, much of the heat produced went up the chimney.
These revolutionary new High Output Gas Fires solve that problem at a stroke. A new concept in Gas Fires, designed to suit most of our Cast Iron Fireplaces, and offering twice the heat output of other inset gas fires.

Available either as Class 1 fires with a rear Hot Box, which reflects most potentially lost heat outwards into the room, for the Crown Fascia, Tregaron and Bolton (where a Cast back is fitted), and otherwise with the Sovereign, Tulip, Galway, Art Nouveau, Toulouse and Edwardian Fireplaces where a Cast back is not required.
Also available for use with "precast" concrete flues constructed of gas flue blocks to BS1289 (British Standards).
Alternatively, High Output Gas Fires can be offered as a Powerflue model - a new flue outlet control, with electrical fan extraction ducted to an outside wall. These new fires typically output 3 kiloWatt - double that usually associated with inset Gas Fires. Because they operate with the damper closed, no heat is lost up the chimney - in fact, no chimney is actually required with the Powerflue.

See also:

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