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Flueless or Vent-Free Gas Fires & Stoves

Our Range of Flueless Gas Products

We are proud to introduce fixed flueless (or vent-free) gas fires and stoves to our extensive and ever-growing range of domestic gas products.
Our range of fixed flueless gas appliances by Burley give a combination of convenience and efficiency. Convenience in that there is no messy coal or ash to deal with next morning, and efficiency because no heat is lost up the chimney flue.

Flueless Gas Fire Catalytic Technology

Our flueless gas fires and stoves all incorporate the very latest catalytic technology whereby the only waste residues produced are carbon dioxide and water vapour - there are no harmful or toxic gases.

Flueless Gas Fire Efficiency

Test show that flueless catalytic gas fires produce over 3½ times more heat per kilowatt input than conventional flued or vented gas fires, and over 12 times more heat than 'decorative' gas fires, both of which typically lose more than 70% and 90% respectively of their generated heat up the chimney.

Illustrated Opposite >>
The Environ 4248 Flueless Gas Fire in Brass.
Below: The Ambience Flueless Gas Stove.

The Environ 4248 Flueless Gas Fire in Brass

The Ambience Flueless Gas Stove

Flueless Gas Fire Safety - Rumours, Myths & Misinformation

So what's the downside to flueless gas appliances? So far as we are aware, there are none! Several urban myths would have it otherwise, but all have been categorically proved to be just that - myths. Here are the facts:

The Safety Record
Fixed flueless gas fires have an outstanding safety record and by the end of 2007, approximately 15 million flueless gas fires had been sold in the USA and some 40 million in Japan.
In the USA, forty-nine of the fifty states already approve flueless (or vent-free as they call it) gas appliances because of their proven safety and reliability record - California is the last to follow.
(See: Further information about the "rumours and misinformation" regarding the safety of flueless gas appliances is found at
In America, the ANSI Z21 11.2 Standard and National Fuel Gas Code was revised in 1994 to permit wall mounted installations of vent-free gas heaters of 10,000 Btu or less in bedrooms and 6,000 Btu or less in Bathrooms. As always check local codes

Safety Standards
Flueless gas fires are also extremely clean burning and under stringent European Standards test show that Burley flueless gas fires are more than four times better than the stringent code requires.

Catalytic conversion is also extremely reliable, and there are no recorded occasions when any Burley catalytic converter has had to be replaced through component failure.

Oxygen Depletion Safety
All of our Burley flueless/vent-free gas fires have an integral dual purpose Oxygen Detection Safety (ODS) pilot (also known as Oxygen Depletion Sensor) which automatically shuts off the flow of the gas in the rare instance that the level of oxygen in the room falls from the normal 20.9% to 18.5% or an interruption in the fuel supply occurs. 18.5% is lower than the normal level but still well above safe levels for human occupation.

There have been a few incidents surrounding vent-free appliances, but in every case the fault lay in below standard, unqualified or unregulated fitting of the appliance, and the failure to fit the legally required extra ventilation.

Smells & Odours
One myth has it that catalytic converters give off unpleasant odours. This is largely based on people's experience of automobiles, where there is undoubtedly additional odour added to exhaust gases by catalytic conversion. But, in our Burley domestic flueless gas fires, only the highest quality and most appropriate materials are used in their manufacture, and as a result, our flueless gas fires and stoves are totally odour-free.

Another popular falsehood is that flueless gas appliances cause a great deal of condensation, as water vapour is one of the by-products of combustion. This is not the case. Most fires in a modern home are used as a secondary heat source in any case, as the major source is from central heating. Given normal ambient room temperatures, any water vapour or moisture is naturally dissipated by normal air movement. There will only ever be slight condensation on windows in cold rooms, especially where windows are only single glazed - as is the case with all conventional gas fires - so there is no difference whether the fire is flued or flueless.

Three Golden Rules for Flueless & Vent-Free Gas Fires
However, as with any fitted gas appliance, safety is of paramount importance, and we would encourage prospective purchasers to follow the three rules laid out below:
1) Only have your flueless or vent-free appliance fitted by a qualified gas fitter;

2) Ensure that the required additional ventilation is installed (air bricks, through-wall ventilators, etc) to meet with or exceeed local, regional and/or national codes and standards;

3). Ensure that the gas appliance meets with EU standards (the CE mark) for Europe, or is certified by the CSA to meet ANSI (American National Standards Institute) codes in the USA. Check all local codes and ordinances before buying or fitting vent-free gas appliances. If it's not up to the code, don't buy it!!

And... if in the end, you still need additional reassurances, it's a good idea to install one or more carbon monoxide detectors in your home, no matter what type of fuel-burning appliance you have.

Flueless and vent-free fires are popular with builders and local authorities because of their low installation and maintenance costs when compared to conventional flued fires. It can be fitted in minutes rather than hours, but it cannot be stressed too much - your flueless gas fire should always be fitted by a registered Gas Fitter. In the United Kingdom it is now illegal for an unqualified person to install or fit any fixed gas appliance.
Installation costs of a conventional gas fire can run into several thousands of pounds, especially when you take into account the building or restoration of a chimney, or of lining an existing old chimney. Add to this the cost of building a fireplace and buying the fire itself and this currently runs to around £8,000.00. The flueless fire, on the other hand, often needs no more than a simple gas connection by the gas fitter, and a place to stand the unit - and that's all there is to it.
Further, annual servicing costs involve no more than cleaning, checking combustion levels and for wear and tear damage. It does not need to be disconnected and there is no chimney to sweep!

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